A high performance, speed control system results when a GAC actuator is installed on an engine and electronically connected to compatible GAC governing system components. The design baseline for GAC actuators incorporates fast responses, multi voltage usage, and proven reliability to allow for more precise control. GAC employs its field proven electromechnical design which provides proportional actuator movement based on actuator coil current.

All of GAC actuators are easy to install with no maintenance required. GAC also offers a complete line of speed control devices for use with our actuators, all of which are 100% field-proven tested.


GAC’s Speed Control Units are precise speed controls designed and manufactured in various configurations to meet application requirements using the latest analog and digital control technologies. Reverse battery polarity and fail-safe protection in the event of loss of speed sensor signal or battery voltage is incorporated in every GAC Speed Control Unit. A wide variety of application needs can be satisfied with GAC’s constant or variable speed governing, in isochronous or droop operation. All circuit boards are hard potted or conformally coated to be vibration and moisture resistant.

Magnetic Speed Sensors

The Magnetic Speed Sensor detects when ring gear teeth, or other ferrous projections, pass the tip of the sensor. Electrical impulses are produced by the sensor’s internal coil and sent to the speed control unit. The signal from the magnetic speed sensor, teeth per second (Hz.), is directly proportional to engine speed. Speed sensors are available in various lengths in both U.S. and metric threads. Wire leads, military connectors, automotive connectors or stud terminals are also available. Over 30 styles currently available.


GAC’s accessories and extension modules allow users to custom design solutions to meet individual project requirements, increasing the communication and remote monitoring functionality of the controllers.

GAC Generator Set Modules

The GAC provides a complete line of analog modules for generator sets.  Module functions include load sharing synchronizing, voltage regulation, speed ramping, voltage matching and a large assortment of analog modules to interface controls with other brands such as Woodward, Cummins, ICU, CAT, etc.

Fuel and Ignition Management System (FIMS)

In answer to market demands, GAC offers an advanced gaseous fueled engine management system with exhaust emissions control technologies to meet the tough, standards sanctioned in the United States and the rest of the World.

GAC's total system approach results in a cost effective solution that offers the greatest potential for improvements in both engine efficiency and exhaust emissions while providing many features.

Basic Fuel and Ignition Management System (FIMS) for low pressure applications using a venturi mixer and stepper motor control valve. The user interface software is completely designed by GAC. System includes a built-in engine speed governor. Extremely cost effective and capable. System include two separate modules which can operate stand-alone depending on the application needs.


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