UG 5.7/8/10 Governor

The UG Governor is a mechanical-hydraulic governor for controlling diesel, gas, or dual fuel engines, or steam turbines. UG-Dial governors are particularly suited for constant speed applications. Knob speed settings make synchronization easy for generator applications. Motor speed setting is available for remote synchronization. Adjustable droop makes load sharing between engines precise. UG Lever governors are widely used for variable speed control. Remote speed setting can be either mechanical through the speed setting lever or pneumatic with a special speed setting device. Special attachments are available for other applications. The UG pump is designed for applications which reverse engine rotation. The governor provides extremely reliable speed control throughout the drive speed and temperature range. This proven design has been industry standard for many years. World-wide acceptance provides easy service in most engine and governor shops.

Product Specification 03029 (Rev. K, 11/2005)

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